Wireline core drilling equipment is very commonly used for mineral exploration for deep holes because of practical usage. As a contribution, Barkom product are manufactured by using high quality raw materials and designed according to wireline –Q standard.

Barkom offers to clients following models of wireline core barrel compatible with -Q Wireline Standard Drilling Equipment;

Wireline Double Tube Core Barrel; B, N, H, P, GEOBOR S sizes

Wireline Triple Tube Core Barrel; N-3, H-3, P-3 sizes

Wireline Double Tube Core Barrel for Underground Application; N-U, B-U, H-U sizes

Wireline Double Tube Core Barrel; N-2” / N-TK

All spare parts and conversion kits can be supplied as a kit or separate in order to reduce cost of coring system.

BWL 36,4 mm 60,0 mm
BWLU 36,4 mm 60,0 mm
NWL 47,6 mm 75,7 mm
NWLU 47,6 mm 75,7 mm
NWLTK / NWL2 50,6 mm 75,7 mm
NWL3 45,0 mm 75,7 mm
HWL 63,5 mm 96,0 mm
HWL3 61,1 mm 96,0 mm
HWLU 63,5 mm 96,0 mm
PWL 85,0 mm 122,6 mm
PWL3 83,0 mm 122,6 mm
GEOBOR S 102,0 mm 146,0 mm