WL & WT threads have been used for diamond core drilling rods for more than a decade and proven their quality and durability both in the local and the foreign market. Threads are cut with CNC lathe machines with the best tools available in the market by an experienced crew. After threading, rods are induction hardened to prolong their service time. Barkom is one of the few manufacturers that provide this service to their customers.

DCDMA standard conventional drill rods are also known as “W” series drill rods and both rod and coupling are manufactured from cold drawn seamless steel tubing of high tensile yield strength and of controlled straightness. The end couplings are manufactured of premium quality alloy steel. Couplings can also be welded for W series pipes. As a manufacturer, all standard sizes are available in Barkom product range.

• AW drill rod, AWY drill rod, AWJ drill rod • BW Drill rod BWY drill rod, BWJ drill rod • NW Drill rod NWY drill rod, NWJ drill rod

A certain wall thickness is required to open standard threads and most of companies use tubes with constant wall thickness. Barkom started working on upsetting drill rods in 1999 to find a solution to this limitation. Its own patented system increases wall thickness of both ends of tubes which enables opening threads to tubes with larger inner diameter.

• Weight of the drill rod is decreased up to 30%.
• Depth capacity of drill rigs are increased up to 30%.
• The annular clearance between the rod and the inner tube is increased and this enables faster movement of core barrel.
• Decreased weight eases handling and usage.

Upsetting is also used for conventional WJ threaded drill rods beside Wireline Drill Rods .Instead of friction welding threaded ends to a mid body tube, Barkom preserves the uniformity of rods by upsetting both ends and open threads afterwards. DCDMA standards are used to ensure compatibility.

GEOBOR S Drill Rod is developed for complex geological, geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations, are produced from premium quality alloy steel tubes by Barkom.

RC(Reverse Circulation) utilizes two concentric tubes while the air or water is pumped between inner and outer tube, and then the cuttings are received from the inner tube. Barkom manufactures RC Drill Rods by using high quality alloy steel tubes to withstand continuous percussive forces.