Barkom is manufacturing Automatic SPT Hammer and Hydraulic SPT Hammer by using high quality raw material for Standard Penetration Test (SPT).

Usage of Automatic SPT Hammer; SPT Drive Rods and a Split Tube Sampler are connected to base of the anvil of Automatic SPT Hammer and driven into the ground by the falling weight of 63.5 kg complete mechanism by automatically.

The overall length of the hammer is 2.6 m extended and 1.8 m when no extended. The total weight of the hammer is 107 kg.

Additionally to Automatic SPT Hammer, Barkom has started SPT Hydraulic Hammer complied with ASTM-D-1586 Standards as first attempt in Turkey.

Advantages; Providing reliable results complied with standards, Giving occupational safety with protection cage,

Tracking the number of easy beat with the counter.
Hammer Travel Distance: 76 cm
Weight: 63,5 cm
Total weight of SPT Hammer : 113 kg

Motor Requirement for Hydraulic SPT Hammer;
Maximum Flow Rate: 60 l/min = 15.85 gpm
Maximum Pressure: 140 bar = 2030.5 psi
Motor can work with open spool control valve also.