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its  clients  in  mining  and  construction  industries,  in
                                                                order to have  solution, suggestion and collaboration
                                                                for to  increase productivity  and reliability with  aiming
                                                                developing joint projects.

                                                                BARKOM  GROUP also works with world leading
                                                                companies for the product groups  that  it does not
                                                                manufacture.  Currently,  Barkom is official distributor
                                                                of Hanjin D&B (Drilling  Rigs, Compressors), Diaset
                                                                (Diamond Tools),  AMC (Drilling Fluids Additives),
                                                                Reflex (Borehole  Surveying  Instruments),  Jet-Lube
                                                                (Thread Compounds), Gonar (DTH and Rock Drilling
                                                                Tools), Geosight Inc. (Cavity Monitoring System), DAT
                                                                Instruments (Dataloggers for Different Techniques), ON2
                                                                Solutions (Mine Refuge Systems), Weir Jones (Innovative
           BARKOM GROUP was established in 1987 in Ankara,      Seismic  Monitoring,  Microseismic  Geoscience  and
           Turkey. The company vision is  “to manufacture  and   Environmental Solutions), MTS Perforator (Drilling
           serve high quality of drilling equipment to its clients fast   Tools for DTH, Rotary, RC and HDD) and  Tunnel
           and  sustainable,  no  matter  where  they  drill”. To  keep   Radio (Underground Communication  Systems).  In
           the same quality, BARKOM GROUP uses high quality of   consequence of best quality equipment manufacturing,
           raw material. Its quality management system has been   pre-sales & after-sales technical support and technical
           assessed and registered as complying with the  ISO   consultancy,  innovative thinking, Barkom succeeded
           9001:2015  requirements,  proving the  standardization   in earning complete customer satisfaction and trust
           and quality of its products. The company also complies   as a local brand and achieved 70% of the drilling and
           with  ISO 14001:2015  and OHSAS 18001:2007           construction  market  share  in  Turkey.  Improving its
           standards. Barkom has wide product range of core     product range with these companies, BARKOM GROUP
           drilling equipment including Core Barrels, Wireline and   has become a fully-fledged supplier in Turkey and has
           Conventional  Drill Rods, Casings, Tungsten  Carbide   directly exported its products to more than 60 countries
           Tools, Drilling Accessories, etc.                    in 4 continents.
           BARKOM GROUP  is also an  Original Equipment         BARKOM GROUP has relocated to its new factory that
           Manufacturer  Company  (OEM) for special orders      has more than 5.600 m  with production line, warehouse
           and enquiries.  By  means  of the  experience  gained   and offices in 2012. Besides its the head office in Ankara,
           throughout the years and R&D work done by qualified   it has two branches both in İstanbul and İzmir.
           engineers, According to the  feedbacks of customer
           needs and demands, Barkom has achieved the success
           of manufacturing its own drilling rigs, under BULLDRILL
           brand, having high quality, high technology  and high
           efficiency.  BARKOM GROUP, has manufactured  first
           ATEX EXPROOF certified underground drilling  rigs  in
           Turkey. Additionally, first and only induction hardened
           wireline drill rods are manufactured  in Turkey  by
           BARKOM.  BARKOM GROUP is entitled  to have R&D
           Centre Certificate on 06.12.2018 within the scope of the
           5746 numbered “Supporting of Research, Development
           and Design Activities” law, from the Republic of Turkey
           Ministry of Industry and Technology - General Directorate
           of R&D Incentives. BARKOM GROUP is ready to serve
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