Geosight was founded in 2006 for the first 4 years of following its foundation the company gave consultation about laser scanner for mining companies. Today Geosight has over 40 resellers all around the World most of whom are local. The brand has entered Turkish market with Barkom Group reliability.

The innovative 3D wireless laser system calculates the volume of underground voids that would be difficult – and hazardous – for humans to try and determine. The three most common applications of the scanner are cavity scanning, tripod scanning and vertical scanning. Stope reconciliation with GeoSight CMS ensures maximal ore yields, extends site usable life and helps explain dilution / loss. As well, it increases workplace and employee safety, eliminates any need to send people to potentially dangerous areas and provides real-time data.

GeoSight CMS is a rapid, robust, wireless underground 3D Laser scanner that can be lowered over 700ft vertically, or with the buggy system down inclines.

Geosight CMS allows you scan an area more than 500 m.