In terms of ISO 3552-. 1992 metric standard, conventional system core barrel group stands in the Barkom’s product range. The usage area is mainly shallow and site investigation purpose drilling and they are classified according to the formation type and required core sample characteristics as; B single tube core barrel and T double tube core barrel. For undisturbed core sampling, T6 S double tube core barrel is recommended.

As it has always been, metric standard conventional core barrels are also produced by gathering the high technology with high quality raw material.

B 46 32mm 46mm
B 56 42mm 56mm
B 66 52mm 66mm
B 76 62mm 76mm
B 86 72mm 86mm
B 101 87mm 101mm
B 116 102mm 116mm
B 131 117mm 131mm
T 46 32mm 46mm
T 56 42mm 56mm
T 66 52mm 66mm
T 76 62mm 76mm
T 86 72mm 86mm
T 101 84mm 101mm
T6 S 86 58mm 86mm
T6 S 101 72mm 101mm
T6 S 116 86mm 116mm
T6 S 131 101mm 131mm