Barkom, manufactures its drill rods and casings by using premium quality cold drawn seamless tubes and best tools available in the market for diamond core drilling. These alloy steel tubes are imported as raw material to ensure excellent tensile strength & elongation characteristics and manufactured in the Barkom’s high technology CNC machines.

By considering both the customers’ requirements and the latest developments in the technology, Barkom started to manufacture the first heat treated drill rods in Turkey. This induction hardening procedure not only guarantees strong and long lasting threads but also high performance.

Barkom’s own patented BUPSET® drill rod are another proof of its ingenuity. Tubes with larger internal diameter are used and wall thickness of both ends is increased with upsetting for threading purposes. The final product is significantly lighter and as a result depth capacities of drill rigs are increased up to 30%. As a result of heat treatment process, more durable and resistant threads are formed.