Barkom offers all type, size and series of diamond bits to esteemed clients. Coccodrillo has two options according to formation in generally; Surface Set and Impregnated Diamond Bit. The performance of an impregnated diamond bit is determined by the combination of diamond and matrix mainly. With abrasion of the surface of matrix, new layer of diamond exposes and then bit keep itself sharpened. Coccodrillo’s exclusive matrix ensures the best technology to provide optimal performance. Coccodrillo’s unique characteristics such as width of flat surfaces, number and width of the waterways, adhesion rate of diamond layers, impregnation height are designed to provide high performance and a longer bit life.

Beside this, with the wide range of diamond bits Barkom offers Diamond Reaming Shell, Diamond Casing Shoe, Diamond Adapter Couplings and PCD Coring and Non Coring Bits to clients as per their requirement.

Barkom is the authorized distributor of Diaset in Turkey and supplies worldwide known Diaset diamond tools. Diaset diamond tools are manufactured against all kinds of formation conditions. Besides, Diamond Bits, Diamond Reaming Shells, Diamond Casing Shoes and Diamond Locking Coupling are also available in the product range. For more information, please contact our sales team.